About Us

Antler Interactive is an interactive mobile game studio, located in central Stockholm, Sweden. Established with the idea of making great games for new tech, we design games that introduce players to new ways of interacting with emerging technologies. Conceived from and previously known as SVRVIVE Studios, a pioneer in VR with globally best selling and award winning titles. Antler Interactive is a revival of our passion for immersive experiences and a transition into a focus on mobile tech and games.

Our name symbolizes us branching out into new technology, as well as our Nordic roots. It conveys the spirit of the deer’s antlers, that are cast and regrown, evolving to remain at the forefront of gaming.

Our Vision

To introduce people all over the world to new ways of playing and interacting with emerging technologies, by producing games that provide a unique and unparalleled experience.

Our ambition is to pave the way for other studios on the forefront of technology and producing games for the future.






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