Krystal Kart AR

Get ahead of the curve in this immersive science fiction-fantasy racing game

Experience the thrill of drifting through fast looping tracks and get immersed in the wonder of AR technology which brings it all to life in the middle of your living room or outside.

Krystal Kart features stylized visuals, fun physics and fast drift based racing. Unlock skins and discover new tracks. Download now and let’s go!

The Android version of the game features blockchain support. In collaboration with the world’s biggest blockchain game CryptoKitties, all CryptoKitties owners can get a free “kitty kart” based on the “cattributes” of their respective cats to race in the game. Players can also buy exclusive cars on the blockchain to race with.

For more information on CryptoKitties and blockchain in Krystal Kart click here.


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