Blockchain in Krystal Kart AR

The Android version of Krystal Kart AR features blockchain support which allow players to buy and play with exclusive vehicles in-game. Players can purchase blockchain vehicles on OpenSea or use the free KittyKarts provided to all CryptoKitty owners (see more below). Antler Interactive has partnered with Superblocks and Alto in building and implementing assets for its blockchain solution, making it Krystal Kart AR one of the first games in the world to combine AR racing with blockchain assets.

All CryptoKitty Owners Receive Free KittyKarts

In partnership with CryptoKitties, all CryptoKitties owners will receive free KittyKarts customized based on the “Cattributes” of their Kitties. All of the CryptoKitties you own will automatically be turned into unique KittyKarts to be used in the Android version of the game!

Download Krystal Kart AR now to race your KittyKart!



1. How do I get a blockchain vehicle?

You can get a blockchain vehicle to use in Krystal Kart AR for Android one of two ways:

a) By purchasing one from the marketplace which can be found here.

b) By owning a CryptoKitty you can receive free KittyKarts that are customized based on the “Cattributes” of your CryptoKitties.

2. How do you purchase a blockchain vehicle?

To purchase one of our limited edition blockchain vehicles head here. You can only purchase blockchain vehicles on OpenSea using Ether currency. Players can make an offer on a vehicle up for sale at anytime.

3. What’s Ether (ETH)? Why do I need it?

Ether is a digital currency that powers the Ethereum network and like any other currency — its value fluctuates with the market. Ether is the currency used to purchase things - such as our blockchain vehicles on OpenSea or CryptoKitties. You need to convert your currency (e.g. USD, CAD, GBP) into Ether

4. How do I activate my car in the game?

a) Go to the main menu and select the Customization button (lower left)
b) Two new buttons will appear, select the Player Profile button (top).
c) On your Player Profile fill in the blockchain address field with your crypto wallet address.
d) Return to the main menu, select the Customization button again, then choose the Vehicles button (bottom).
e) In the Vehicles menu select your new blockchain vehicle that you want to play with.
f) Go back to the main menu and start a new game (by selecting the Race Button on the bottom right) to race your new wheels.

5. How do I turn my CryptoKitty into a KittyKart?

All CryptoKitty owners will receive free KittyKarts resembling their collection of CryptoKitties. To activate your free KittyKarts follow the steps in FAQ 4 (above).

6. Can I have/own more than one KittyKart?

Yes! All of the CryptoKitties you own will automatically be turned into KittyKarts to be used in the game. You can find all of your KittyKarts in the Vehicle Menu of the game. See FAQ 4 for instructions on how to connect your CryptoKitties to Krystal Kart AR for Android.

7. Will new CryptoKitties I breed or purchase automatically show up in the Vehicles Menu?

Yes. If your crypto wallet address is linked to the game they should automatically be added to your collection of vehicles. If they do not show up, simply refresh the game and you should find them there.

7. Are my assets safe and secured?

Yes. Blockchain vehicles aren’t a digital currency, but it does offer the same security: each is one-of-a-kind and 100% owned by you. However, we cannot guarantee security of the assets in-game.




CryptoKitties are collectible and breedable digital cats, each with a unique genome that define its appearance and traits. It’s the world’s first game built on the Ethereum network. CryptoKitties was created to explore the concept of digital scarcity and make blockchain technology accessible to everyday consumers.

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Superblocks is a blockchain startup providing development tools to facilitate a more decentralized future. Using Superblocks online platform, blockchain startups can easily showcase their smart contracts and instantly connect with their users.

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